The Project

“My own way” comes from traveling, it tells stories through images, maps and quotes.

Some places of the world call us, I used to travel alone with some cameras, now it is the two of us with the same analogue cameras, a mobile phone and a 1980 camper; how we reach our destinations is not the point, what’s important is to get an answer to the question of the moment.

The pictures that come out of the trip are made of feelings and moods, what we are interested in is not the result but the connection with the subject, light and the place. Out of those pictures we make wooden frame, postcards, bookmarks, magnets and screen printing. 

Everything is handmade with love and dedication; the whole process, starting from the selection of the images, the wood processing and making the products waterproof take hours of work. 

We're on the road again!

As usual, after the summer we pack our bags and leave once again. This year our first destinations will be Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. Then from Baku, the capital, we should be able to get on a cargo to cross the Caspian sea and arrive continue toward Kazakistan, Uzbekistan and then finally head to our warm, beloved India...

... meanwhile, we are happy to receive requests about our products, even if any item will be shipped once we will be back from India, next spring, just so you know.

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See you around!

Claudia and Ale

This is what we get from our journeys: books, old pictures, postcards, notes, maps and Buddha statues. In the caos of all this I found a quotes taken who knows when, it says:

“Let’s stay human it’s an invitation to remember the nature of human beings. I don’t believe in borders, in barriers, in flags. I believe that we all belong, regardless of longitudes and latitudes, to the same family… that is the human family.”

– Vittorio Arrigoni 




Cambodia is going to stay in my heart. If someone is going to ask me if i suggest Cambodia a place to visit I would definitely say YES! Not for Ankor Wat or for the sea, but for the people. I would tell them to talk to every Cambodian; with every monk because it’s...

Grilled Squids

Grilled Squids

We are in Savannakhet, a city where the French used to live during their colonial time, the old houses are beautiful and mysterious with that old look. There is nothing to do in this small city, unless walking, looking at the river Mekong, drinking coffe and going to...

Six Years Ago

Six Years Ago

Six years ago the reason why I came to India was that I wanted to know more about Sadhus: Hindu Ascetics, they leave society to find their own way in poverty. One of the first one I’ve met was a young baba very elegant even though he was dressed in rags, his name was...