About Us


I leave Olbia, the place where I was born, in 2003 to London where I finish my studies. 

In 2008 I win the photographic contest “people and places” with a picture of a mural in honor of Samuel Beckett. 

In 2009 during my studies of graphic design, I realize a photographic book that documents the presence and the history of two ethnic minority in a suburb of London. The project was selected by the University of Arts London College of Communication to be kept as a reference in the institute. 

In 2010 I publish a photographic book: “Lights of devotion: a photo-journey through Hinduism”.

In 2011 I move back to Sardinia, where the photographic magazine ”Genius Loci” publishes two of my travel reportage. 

In 2013 I created the project “My Own Way”.


Since I was a child I liked to make things and I also developed nomadism, right now I put these in practice.

In 2000 I continue my studies in engineering at the university “La Sapienza” in Rome. After years my interested goes from the buildings to its habitants so I decide to leave the engineering path to cultural anthropology.

In 2011 I organize an Art Exhibition “Analoghia”: an exhibition of emerging artists sponsored by the City of Rome.

In 2013 move back to Sardinia where I meet Claudia. With her I get closer to visual art with a predilection to analogue photography, that I will use it for travelling and in my anthropological search and also for “My Own Way”.