Cambodia is going to stay in my heart. If someone is going to ask me if i suggest Cambodia a place to visit I would definitely say YES! Not for Ankor Wat or for the sea, but for the people. I would tell them to talk to every Cambodian; with every monk because it’s always a good experience to talk to them, to talk to the family that makes sugar cane juice and to go to their kiosk everyday, until the very last day saying goodbye become hugs.

But I would also the them to talk to tuck tsk drivers, to the guest house painter, to the passers-by, to the squid cookers, to the boat drivers, to ice cream seller, to the kids and to everyone you’ll meet. I also tell them to be always surprise for every kindness given and for the high percentage of friendly people around.

Cambodia, palm on a beach

Today wile I’m under the mosquito net with the cool breeze of a fan with Ale that hugs me wile is still sleeping, I think of what I’ll miss of this side of the world. For sure who brushes away the dead lives in the morning that wake me up like today, the good smell of frangipani, the fan palms, the sweet fruits, the fact that even if the traffic is crazy none insults each other, the markets with its colourful broken umbrellas, also the tropical birds, the giant butterflies, but the most I’ll miss the streets so alive and made of temples, mosques and churches, and that mix of cultures that in Italy I can’t find it.

I will also miss the tropical rain, or better the time just before the storm when the heath is suffocating and with the thickening clouds the cold wind comes, the atmosfere become surreal, the tenders arrive and right after the big drops so big to get wet in 10 minutes. The time before the storm gives me peace and I like it more than the drying laundry under the sun, more than the day before a long trip, than the ibisco, and maybe more than the good smell of the bedding sheets.

When I’m about to leave Asia I already miss it.

Cambogia, palafitte sul mare