Smiling Lao Cart, Laos

We are in Savannakhet, a city where the French used to live during their colonial time, the old houses are beautiful and mysterious with that old look. There is nothing to do in this small city, unless walking, looking at the river Mekong, drinking coffe and going to the temples.

There is one that I really like, the people inside make Buddha statues by hand, I like to look at them while they work in silence and the monks brush away dead leaves of the Bodhi tree sacred to the buddhism. In the evening there is always a cold wind, the lives of the trees make a big noise making useless the monks’s brushing, the shutters slam making the atmosfere even more surreal and the sun set over the Mekong make us feel why the French like to stay here even after the colonialism.

Tuk Tuk on a beach, Laos

In the evening we always eat in the street market, we try different stall everyday, near our table there is a lady homeless, she is very elegant and dirty, she wears a blouse that used to be white and a Laotian skirt.

With the begging money she got herself a grilled squid with salad but she only eats the squid, she doesn’t even touch the salad. I could ear in my head the voices of some moralism and if I would’t pay the right attention I could fall into it myself “she is not hungry” but I don’t care because I get crazy for squid!

So I get up, I look at her and I give her a bit intimidate by her looking back, a roll of money that are enough for another squid. She shows me her hand open and she takes the money, right after she gets up to get another squid that eats without the salad; after she finishes it in a very elegant way she leaves the table.

Buddha, Laos