India, Time Will Reflect

Six years ago the reason why I came to India was that I wanted to know more about Sadhus: Hindu Ascetics, they leave society to find their own way in poverty.

One of the first one I’ve met was a young baba very elegant even though he was dressed in rags, his name was Aao Ganga Giri. I’ve never forgotten him because he was the first person I saw that used to talk in odd days because he said humans usually talk too much. Also he renounced to his cast, the Brahmin, the highest one, usually the richest to live in a little room on the Ganges.

Now while we walk on the gaths i remember the steps that take to a blu little door, I look up and I see a men on top of the staircase; he doesn’t have the orange clothes of the holy people anymore, he has a white beard and still the same glimpse.

I scream: ”Aao Ganga Giri” he smiles and and he says: “do you remember me?”

We go upstairs and we get inside the little room; it is almost like last time I was here. The single bed is not there anymore but only two blankets on the floor, a small kitchen in a corner, some deities on the wall, the orange robes are in a string full of dust.

There is a Mexican guy that called him Ashitush, I ask him why he changed name and he tells me that after he went to the Kumbh Mela – a huge Hindu festival – he discovered many things. He tells me that I was not in peace with himself, and also that in one person he saw many faces and that in that world of saint many of them are fake and he does not want be part of that. After he said that in 2012 his mother died and he decided to accept his past so he got back his name.

I tell him about my experience at the Kumbh Mela and also about the other sadhus of Varanasi, I tell him that I’m still fascinated by them; he tells me that he doesn’t go out anymore because he doesn’t want to be confused with them, because 90% of the sadhus are business men or beggars, but real sadhus don’t need anything because they have a different awareness so they don’t ask for anything but they still get everything they need. I tell him that I still look at sadhus as they keep a secret and I ask him what’s the truth about everything. He stays silent, touches his beard and he says: “the truth is that we are here to talk and drink tea, nothing else matter, this is the only truth we have, not the past, not the future, only the now”.

His words touches me and I think that there are some lessons the I understand with my head, there are some concepts the I would love to make them mine, I’ve always learned a lot from these people I’ve meet on the road but when I need to put it in life I just get lost; I know that the only important thing is the now, but why present and past effect my present? Why the outside influence my life and the awareness about myself? I get distracted from the concept that I’ve learned , but I think that the secret is to understand them by heart and not with the head.

I also liked something else he said about the negative people you meet. He said you should just get them out of your life “just like when you go to the supermarket, it’s full of products but you choose only what you like, the rest you don’t even look at it”.