India, Seagulls

I’m sharing with Ale a very important part of my life: India. Something that I could do with few people.

Most of the people who come here for few weeks have the same point of view: dirty, polluted end so on. When a person that I knew came to India for ten days, when he got back he called me shocked that I like that country, but he had seen everything from 5 stars hotels and from a car, he didn’t even try to get into it and meet her. He was jugging her from a wall he had erected.

To get in contact with India you’ll need to go on the secondary street, at the market, in the villages, and walk and get in contact with the people that give you bisquit as a gift, with the people who want to have pictures with you, or who smiles for a “hello”, and not just go to see the Taj Mahal.

Back then I could not explain my love for this country, but now I can because I’m full of love, a love that was born with 500 Rupees found on a street of London, arrived from the sky like all the good things. That 500 Rupees with the face of Gandhi made my world bigger and showed me that the earth is too big the be divided into cities, regions, states. The place where we come from is beautiful, but not the most beautiful because there is everything else and you cannot make a list.

I know India is full of injustice but I also see all the love that this country gives to us when we try to understand it, we are just pilgrims trying to find whats behind everything.

This beauty is something that I keep inside that I would protect from others, like an old good friend. I also see my same feelings in Ale’s eyes , he the sees everything for the first time, he that learns new things, he thinks new thought, he feels new feelings, and finally he gets over that idea that people are kind just because they need something. Traveling teaches exactly the opposite, strangers care for you.

In India there are many things that don’t work, but there is something subtle, something that you cannot explain. There are people that hate it at the first site because India could be strong, but also who loves it for life, there are not middle pat.

India, Gange