Sardinia, TV on the sea

How does a journey begin?

It begins by studying a map. A map of little towns, back roads, lakes, rivers and localities:all their names tell a story.

Every Journey begins with papers, with our mind that imagines the unfamiliar places, how to get there , the people we’ll meet on the way. The best part of a journey is also planning it: that gets us moving. It makes us feel strong because we have an aim. Every journey should mean something: it’s like a photo.

We need to study it. We need to think about it and wait for the right moment. It has to say something. It isn’t just a matter of taking a plane or other form of transport, in the same way as a photo isn’t just when a camera a clicks. It would be too easy that way. Behind it there is a journey inside oneself.

Sardinia, Balloons and Confetti

With this conviction and the map, the solitary traveller sets out. Yes, the real traveller travels alone. He needs time to think about what is before his eyes and the feeling inside. It’s never a good idea to listen to pessimists the do nothing but talk about money and problems. It’s necessary to leave comfort at home and be ready to adapt to situations. It’s necessary to live the freedom that lives inside the journey, and remember that freedom is priceless and cannot be bought.

That’s how this journey in Sardinia begins: a journey that is special because it is lived on buses and trains. iIt is entirely based on public transport . For some it might seem an inconvenient, but this journey is unhurried. There is time to live it fully, with no deadlines.

Sardinia, poppies

Sardinia is a sun-kissed land, but it is often and hostile. En route, one pays more attention to surrondings. The aroma of Mediterranean vegetation are ever-present; the deep silence this land has to offer, the mistral wind that is strong it makes the very sea speak. The traveller meets towns from other times and the few voices that are heard in the little streets speak a language I don’t know. This land that is so sparseley populated makes me appreciate its isolation, like a road in Barbagia, every end like Capo Testa, a corner of the Coghinas shore and these infinite spaces where one feels the essence that often escapes.

There are places marked on the map. Sometime they change because you realise that what matters isn’t the location: it isn’t a question of marking off the places where you’ve been on the mapped than setting off again. That would be senseless. In every trip, one should try to understand what is hiding behind every appearance, and this can be done only if you have time on your hands. The journey should be taken in order to savour every taste, every detail. In this way, the stop of a journey change because the journey, in spite of its initial plan, is created day by day. What is that makes us chance our destination?

Sardinia, Pots and Pans

What we feel causes us to change our itinerary: what we think is important at that particular time. Not the following day, nor the day after that, but what we consider a priority at that particular time.

During a solitary journey a loto of thing happen, even in a place as familiar as Sardinia, and during these adventures one can count only on his own mind and instinct.

So at the end of the journey (not holiday) we are exhausted, ready to say “stop!”, but the minute we say that we realise that the journey never ends.

Sardinia, Bosa